Google TV Getting Combined with Android?

Google is no stranger  to software as their Android mobile platform has become one of, if not the single, most popular mobile platforms in the world. But, Google has gone on to release two separate platforms past Android as the desktop/netbook specific Chrome OS and the set-top box focused Google TV. Sure, Chrome OS and Android are cool but us home theater heads are focused on Google TV and how it can add experience to our content viewing.

But, it seems that Google may be looking to combine Google TV with their Android platform. According to recent reports, Google is considering molding features from Google TV with Android ‘Gingerbread’ (the smartphone-centric Android build) and Android ‘Honeycomb’ (the tablet-centric version). What does this mean for you, the consumer? We aren’t quite sure just yet but these same reports suggest that this will make it much easier for Google to issue updates across the board which will, in theory, lead to an easier experience for the end user (that’s us).

We’ll keep you posted as more information is made known of this matter.