Google TV Getting Android 3.1 With Apps

As you’re sure to know Google is doing what they can to enter just about every market possible. They already largely have the mobile market on lock with their Android platform but they’re also trying to break into the home theater market as well. This, you’re sure to already know as several different Google TV powered solutions including set top boxes and actual televisions have already hit the market. However, many folks have felt that Google TV is somewhat half baked and now really ready for prime time.

Luckily, Google is looking to change all of that as well by bringing Android 3.1 to the platform which they have just announced today. The biggest change here is the fact that Google TV will finally have access to the Android Market. This means not only will you be able to grab home theater specific applications but you will also be able to access the expansive line up of games found within the market.

This may actually prove itself to be a competitor to home video game consoles. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.