Google TV Gets Announced

Rumors and speculation regarding Google TV have been circulating for some time now but Google has only just come forth to take the wraps off the platform. With Google TV the search engine giant hopes to merge web and TV, so imagine it as being a dumbed down version of a computer while retaining all of the functionality associated with normal television watching.

When I say a dumbed down computer I mean it will have things like a quick search bar for searching both the web and the various television chanels for video content (like Hulu, Amazon and more). It will have a web browser with Flash support and is based on the Android mobile operating system. What’s even more interesting is since these devices will be running Android, they are capable of booting up all of your favorite Android apps effectively creating a whole new marketplace for app developers to saturate.

Partnerwise Google has said that they will be teaming with Sony, Logitech, Dish Network and Best Buy to not only produce Google TV enabled platforms but also to push the platform as a whole.

via engadget