Google Planning Turbo-Speed Internet

Folks, remember all those times I talked about how streaming was going to be pretty much a low-rent pipe dream unless bandwidth was jacked up through the roof?  Well, Google’s got a plan in the works to make streaming the absolute possibility, and possibly even make the streaming war the final format war.

Google is working on a kind of turbo-speed internet that dwarfs the current connection rates of just about everybody on Earth.  You know how, today, for the most part you can get ten meg, or maybe thirty?  Well, with Google…they want to offer ONE GIG.

One thousand meg.

Billed as a way to “see how people can innovate on super high speed internet”, the super fast Google internet would actually allow you to download a full length feature film in 1080p and 7.1 surround in somewhere in the neighborhood of FIVE MINUTES.

This in turn would render Blu-ray obsolete, assuming it actually reaches households all over the country. It would also supercharge your home theater, making virtually anything streamable.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be willing to pay a hundred bucks a month for that kind of speed, easily.  Maybe as high as two.  One gig internet?  That’s insanely fast.  And hopefully, it’s coming soon to a wall jack near you.