Google Enters Streaming Race…Via YouTube

Now here’s a possible game changer, folks–the massive video distribution service known as YouTube is about to get a big boost as Google goes to the streaming war.

They’re not going all out to start with, just a handful of videos to start, including some titles from Sundance, but a few others too. Here’s the word from Google:

“In addition to these five films, a small collection of rental videos from other U.S. partners across different industries, including health and education, will be made available in the weeks ahead.”

Let’s be honest here, folks…Google’s market power is even bigger than Walmart’s.  Considering that you can buy one share of Google stock for about the same price as nine shares of Walmart, it’s not hard to see as much.  If Google wanted to option streaming content, it probably could at any time.  This is more of a test to start with than anything else, but if Google enters the streaming war in earnest it could shake the game to its very foundations.