Getting The Right Equipment

Home Theater can seem overwhelming when you’re first getting started. The array of choices and price points seems endless, and everyone seems to have a strong opinion about this or that, and all of these opinions contradict each other. A few mistakes are so common however, that it’s worth mentioning them just so you can avoid them right out of the gate.

Here are some errors beginners to home theater routinely face:

  1. Buying too large a TV—bigger isn’t always better! Consider your room size and the system requirements.
  2. Buying cheap speakers or skimping on sound. One of the main attractions of home theater is surround sound! Don’t cheat yourself out of this experience.
  3. Not reading the set up manual. Seriously, if you just start plugging this into that you can’t expect it to well.
  4. Buying for brand or price instead of just getting what you need. It’s great to get a deal, and brand loyalty is something manufacturers appreciate, but if you get the system home and are unhappy, how smart was that?