Get The Right Screen

If you’ve decided on a projector for your home theater set up instead of an LCD or plasma TV, deciding on a screen can be confusing. Home theater screens are available in many different types and sizes. There are manual pull down screens, electric screens, fixed frame screens, and ceiling-recessed screens. Screens also available for set up with a tripod or a truss frame, and you must choose between motorized or tab-tensioned screens, ceiling vs. wall mounted screens, and that’s all before you even think about price or manufacturer. Screens can also be classified on the basis of their size and the material used.

In choosing a screen you will want to take in to account the following :

1) Room size

2) type of projector

3) amount of ambient light in the room (if any)

4) room shape

5) other uses for the room (if any)

6) price. Smaller discount screens (at 60, 72, or 80 inches) are available for as little as $80 or $90. Larger screens start between $500 and $600 and get more  expensive depending on features, materials, and manufacturer.