Get the JBuds J3 Micro Atomic Silver Earphones

Nothing like a good deal to round out the weekend. In this case, it is some earphones.

And specifically, the JBuds J3 Micro Atomic Silver Earphones which “harness the superior resonance of carefully crafted aluminum housing with perfectly balanced full spectrum micro drivers to deliver a stunning new level of acoustic performance”.

Other quotes from my Source talk about a larger-than-life 3D sound stage for unparalleled clarity and definition, and their ultra slim ergonomic profile is designed for an easy grip and amazingly comfortable ear-fit.

Yeah, pretty much nothing in those last two paragraphs that isn’t from my Source. Anyway, I don’t know how long this deal is going on, but normally these earbuds are $79.95. They are now at a more than quarter-price of $17.83.