Get, Set and Rock with Onkyo D-112ELTD, 2 ways speaker system


Onkyo D-112ELTD 2 ways speaker system, this new born model of compact audio “CR-D1″ series loading VL Digital amplifier will soon rock the market from September 1st, 2007 at an estimated price range of 60,900 Yen (2 units 1 set without tax 58,000). Its excellent slide plate and 1.2 thick steel structured top board aluminum and the sabot etc. of dual structure are giving strong support in unnecessary vibration of the frame. Additionally, it is further attracting buyer with its safety feature like speaker terminal locked firmly and with volume knob and the screw of type it adopts. Playing the role of recommendation speaker, its A-OMF monocoque diaphragm actualizes the silent playback producing high quality in the basic design of D-112E with the damper of the new form which is superior in reproducibility of enlargement and the minute signal of capacity, improvement the affluence of the sound quality.

Via: Onkyo