GestureFX Display System for Interactive Surfaces


GestureTek Inc. recently announced the launch of its GestureFX Display System for Interactive Surfaces. This invention of the GestureFX will be a stunning interactive projection and visual display system for advertising and entertainment in public and corporate spaces.

Vincent John Vincent, President and Co-Founder of GestureTek Inc. said, “GestureTek has the most advanced solution in the market for gesture-controlled displays, signage and interactive surfaces, with thousands of client systems in operation around the world. The release of GestureFX 1.5 puts us even further ahead of the pack in the quality and usability of our interactive systems and special effects applications.”

The enhanced GestureFX Display System uses advanced camera technology and multi-patented body tracking software. Therefore, by its use you can respond to body movement in order to project dynamic interactive multimedia content, interactive advertising or games onto any surface of any size. Such surfaces may include tables, floors, bars, counters, windows, screens and freestanding panels.

A few features of the GestureFX Display System for Interactive Surfaces are:

  • A comprehensive manual with over 50 examples of applications
  • A console play list interface
  • Active X capabilities
  • Comes with 24 hour lens/iris support
  • Comes with built-in Edge Blending for multiple projector set-ups
  • Delivers over 70 engaging non-branded applications & special effects
  • System can be installed by GestureTek’s team or self-installed by the client

Just get the GestureFX Display System and catch its additional SDK module for complete real-time game engine development, enabling complex animation, interaction and scoring.

Via: Press