Gerry Mulligans Little Big Horn Coming to Multichannel SACD

Earlier this year, the Surrounded by Entertainment record label announced that they will begin releasing titles in Multichannel SACD as well as the DVD-A format later this year. This week they revealed their first four titles that are planned for Multichannel SACD release.

Starting off Surrounded by Entertainment’s SACD roster will be a high resolution audio reissue of well know jazz sax player Gerry Mulligan’s album entitled Little Big Horn. It is scheduled for release in November in both Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD as well as DVD-A formats.

The new surround sound mix of Little Big Horn will be created from the original analog master tapes of the album. It features performances by an all star list of jazz performers including Dave Grusin, Richard Tee, Anthony Jackson, Jay Leonhart, Buddy Williams, Butch Miles and Michael Brecker.

Additional Hybrid Multichannel SACD Release Plans
Also planned for November release is a Hybrid Multichannel SACD of Ravel, Debussy, Faurй by the Guarneri Quartet that is currently available in DVD-A. Surrounded by Entertainment describes this album by noting «this title features the three seminal monuments to French string quartet literature, exquisitely interpreted and performed as only the Guarneri can. This album is the ultimate culmination of 37 years of extraordinary talent, success and emotional commitment from the most prestigious quartet of this generation.»

Following the initial SACD releases in November, Surrounded by Entertainment will follow them up with two more new high resolution releases in February. The February releases will be Chopin Preludes by Joan Rowland and What Color Is A Soul (for Soprano and four Percussionists) featuring Eckhard Kopetzki. As with the two prior releases, they will be available in both Hybrid Multichannel SACD and DVD-A formats.
Little Big Horn by Gerry Mulligan — Surrounded by Entertainment’s First Hybrid Multichannel SACD Release In November