Genelec AIW25 Active In-Wall Loudspeakers

. Bring home the new Genelec AIW25 Active In-Wall Loudspeakers and turn your simple residential media room into a soundstage. Enjoy great sound, more space and a great-looking media room with these in-wall loudspeakers. You can make them easily disappear into the walls as they are paintable!

The AIW25 consists of a two-way loudspeaker enclosure and a matched RAM2 remote amplifier module. It features extremely low distortion, neutrality and sound pressure capability. The loudspeakers can be easily retrofitted into existing constructions and fixed into a standard 2 x 4" wall structure. Besides, you can easily rack mount the RAM2 amplifier module with its dedicated Rack Mount Kit or you can place it on a shelf or into a cabinet.

To complete a surround sound system you can team up a pair of AIC25 Active In-Ceiling Loudspeakers as the surround channels and a 5041A Active In-Wall Subwoofer with the AIW25 Active In-Wall Loudspeakers!