Gateway FX6800-05 Desktop

Recently, Gateway launched its new FX6800-05 Desktop model. Featuring Intel’s fastest desktop platform technology, this newly launched desktop delivers an incredible PC performance. Incorporating Intel X58 Express Chipset and Intel Core i7-940 Processor, this desktop is truly an innovation.

“Solid state hard drive technology on a gaming PC will make a huge difference in the fun factor,” continued Jystad. “Currently used in mission critical environments, users are seeing boot up times that are two to three times as fast and they are running cooler and quieter, and without data fragmentation, all of which are hugely valued by gamers as well.”

Gateway’s FX6800-05 Desktop is priced at $ 2,999. It comes with 6GB memory and 80GB SSD. Not only this, it comprises ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Graphics w/ 2048MB Discrete Video Memory.

Via: Press