Future Sonics Atrio Series professional earphones


Future Sonics has started shipping of its latest Atrio (pronounced AY-tree-oh) Series ™ earphones on a limited basis. The Atrio Series utilizes Future Sonics’ TrueTimbre technology to deliver an advanced and highly upgraded product. The new earphones make the listener hear natural, perfectly balanced, and realistic sound with a sense of “feel.” Atrio Series earphones are designed to optimize the sound output of any recording studio, concert stage, and multimedia or broadcast production, along with your laptop PCs, portable music and DVD players, and gaming systems.

Atrio Series earphones use the concept of reducing ambient noise without adding sound. Even at the lowest volume one gets full range of sound and performance for their H.E.A.R.® (Hearing Awareness and Education for Rockers) recognition. You can choose from the two available models of Atrio Series earphones the m5 edition in black, and the m8 edition in cobalt blue. Atrio Series is available at an MSRP of $199.00/pair and comes in a premium-quality protective carrying case.

Atrio Series earphones bear a two-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. “Listening is the only way to experience this unique and realistic quality of audio reproduction in the Atrio Series,” noted East. “TrueTimbre technology means the listener experiences the more accurate and life-like audio signature of the original performance, even at the lowest volume.”

Via: Prweb