Funai Projectors To Double As Touchscreens?

Now here’s a strange bit of news for you, folks–seems that the newest generation of Funai Projectors might be able to double as touchscreens.

How is such a thing possible, you wonder?  Here’s how it breaks down: the new line of portable projector from Funai is not only capable of projecting images but also of recognizing finger movements.  This means that finger movements can interact with projected images–zooming, rotating, and flicking through–thanks to a sensor that detects a finger’s position.

Right now this is still in the prototype stages, but it’s entirely possible that a projector might be interactive within the next five years, give or take.  This will, naturally, revolutionize the industry by meaning that a projector no longer needs an accompanying remote control, and if it can offer an increased level of control over a slide show, look for it to take the lead in business projection, if not in home theater as well.