Funai B1-M110 Blu-ray Player Now DivX Certified


Funai electric Co. has recently unveiled the newest B1-M110 Blu-ray player, DivX certified and incorporated with superior performance.   The B1-M110 can play excellent DivX® video and its DivX technology also allows users to have a great experience of viewing digital videos.

Customers can easily connect the B1-M110 Blu-ray player to many compatible DivX certified devices including digital TVs, mobile phones, digital cameras, personal media player and even a set-up box.

“DivX has become a standard feature in the DVD category and our increasing traction within Blu-ray devices speaks to our continued mission of enabling a high-quality media experience across any device,” said Patrice Lagrange, Senior Vice President, Products, DivX, Inc. “Consumers have demanded a premium experience for their digital video entertainment and the DivX Certified B1-M110 delivers.”

The Funai B1-M110 Blu-ray Player Now DivX Certified comes with plenty of specifications and some of them are mentioned below:

Playable formats: DVD, DVD/RW, Audio CD, MP3, and WMA

Battery: AA x2 battery

Dimensions: 435 x 70 x 651mm

Weight: 4.1kg

Stand by: under 0.2 watt

The wonderful B1-M110 blu-ray device lets you do a lot more with its effective and high-end features and functions. The B1-M110 device is expected to be available in the market by October.

Via: Press