Fujitsu SFV10F116L Low-priced Super Frontech Vision LD Display


Fujitsu introduces a low priced model in its Super Frontech Vision LD Display Line. Full-color LED SFV10F116L delivers high brightness 5,000cd/ m2. It is designed to be used in Public places. It comes with software for operational administrative use. The LED panel has a 3In1 tip/chip, Pixel pitch 10mm and automatic 16 stages and manual 16 stages. SFV10F116L delivers amazing images with display color Full-color 1,677 ten thousand colors (RGB each color 256 gradation). The SFV-10F116LD (116 types) is available at 1,620 ten thousand Yen. Those looking for a little higher models, can choose from SFV-10F126LD (126 types) 2,120 ten thousand Yen, SFV-10F189LD (189 types) 4,580 ten thousand Yen and SFV-10F231LD (231 types) 6,060 ten thousand Yen.

Via: Fujitsu