FTC Sez: Moviemakers Market Violence To Kids

The Federal Trade Commission is not happy with Hollywood, the word is–seems they’ve been very naughty in marketing, and are giving kids access to high-end adult rated material.

Of course, by “adult rated” I’m strictly talking about R-rated movies and unrated titles.  No one’s been tracking kids’ access to porn, but I’m sure that’s off the charts and beyond.  Using “mystery shoppers”, kids thirteen to sixteen mostly, the FTC dispatched its legion of kiddie goons to attempt to buy the hard stuff, and in a surprisingly large number of cases, they did.

This is nothing new, of course–back when I was fifteen I looked like I was in my twenties (not hard considering I was six-four and at least two hundred pounds) and so, with my parents’ blessing, snuck easily into R-rated horror fare.  Considering that I’d started back when I was thirteen with my father’s blessing and a rented copy of “Leprechaun” (just dating myself beyond all recognition), this definitely comes as no real surprise.

But I do back the FTC on this one–we need the material to be accessible, but at the same time, we’ve got to keep our eyes front for the childrens’ sake.  This is an issue that needs to be front and center, especially with parents (special note: “unrated” is actually STRONGER CONTENT than “R”.  Remember that.) who need to keep a watch on their child’s viewing and regulate it accordingly.  If they can handle it, then parents, go right ahead and let them enjoy a bloodbath or two–it’ll scarcely hurt, and I’m living proof–but you know better than anyone else, including your children.  And with more sources now available than ever before, you’ve got to keep a tighter watch.