Fry’s Offers Logitech Revue for $89.99

Apple and Google, among other companies, have been competition to merge the gap between computing and watching television. In Apple’s arsenal is the Apple TV set-top box and in Google’s is the Google TV platform powering everything from set-top boxes to actual television sets. While we’ll save Apple TV for another story Google TV allows consumers to watch YouTube, keep track of shows provided through cable, stream video from Netflix and much more of the same. One of the set-top boxes powered by Google TV is the Logitech Revue which has had quite the high price tag debuting at $249.99.

Well, if you’ve had your eye on the hardware but haven’t been able to justify the high price tag you’re in luck. Fry’s has just let us know that they will be holding a Labor Day Sale that will see the price tag of the Logitech Revue dropped all the way down to $89.99. Not a bad deal at all especially considering the Google TV platform shows so much promise.

Check out Fry’s listing for the Logitech Revue here.