Freeview Is The First Talking Set-top Box Ever Made

Recently, Smart Talk and Goodmans joined forces to develop the very first set-top box ever made, dubbed as the Freeview set-top box. The device features a text-to-speech option, designed to aid consumers who have trouble reading subtitles and on-screen words. With such a device, the target audience includes certain groups such as the elderly, blind or partially sighted, as well as those who are dyslexic and they’ll be utilizing the Electronic Programming Guides (EPG), digital text and on screen menus and settings.

Furthermore, the development of Smart Talk is the result of combined effort from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Harvard International, Pixsan and Loquendo. In addition to this, the talking set-top box carries other specifications such as seven day EPG, reminders and parental controls. Lastly, it will launch in the United Kingdom in late August but there is no current information concerning price at the moment.