Free TronMe Media Player for Aspiring DJ Mixers

You have your favorite mp3 tracks but are you done there? Well for people who love to mix these songs for events or special occasions, do it in style with the TronMe media player. Unlike most audio software that is available in the market today, this one comes totally free.

Master and mix you audio files to come up with something original. It even has an auto play function that can turn the TronMe media player into a virtual home music system. You can even apply an interactive record an interactive music video with it. All you have to do is just download it and think of great ways to combine tracks, something similar to what DJs do during parties and events.

The software is growing well with a hundred new users each day. With this new technology, users are able to play their own favorite mp3 tracks with an interactive add-on file format known as .ivs. These tracks can then be used on the TronMe player.

(Source) Press