Free Tool To Calibrate Your HDTV!

Okay, you may not know this, and it’ll probably shock you to find it out, but there’s a good chance that the brand spanking new HDTV you just bought and got home was, get this, IMPROPERLY CALIBRATED.  That means all sorts of nasty things, like skin tones and other colors will be off and so on.

Under normal circumstances, calibration would require a DVD valued at between twenty and fifty dollars, or a costly visit to Best Buy’s Geek Squad.  Under NORMAL circumstances, anyway–now, we’ve got something different.  Just head on over to, where they’ve got waiting for you a free to download utility designed to calibrate your brand new HDTV and make sure it’s presenting its display in the best possible fashion.  It’ll help with geometry, sharpness, color levels and plenty more.

This looks like a pretty sweet utility, but from the look of it you’ll need a PC connected to your TV to do the tests.  Other than that, there’s not much to complain about here–a free utility that helps calibrate your HDTV is too impressive for words.