Free DVD-Audio Sampler from AIX Records

AIX Records have released a free DVD-Audio sampler disc; the AIX Records DVD-Audio/Video Demonstration /Set-up Disc contains eleven tracks that were recorded, mixed and mastered at 96kHz 24-bit, rather than being created from upsampled archive material.

There are two mixes of each selection on the disc, the ‘Stage’ mix places the listener in the midst of the ensemble, placing instruments equally in the surround speakers while the ‘Audience’ mix tries to recreate the experience and sound of the concert hall by putting you in the best seat in the house.

Also included are multiple camera angles, DTS and Dolby Digital tacks alongside the MLP audio and over a hundred screens of disc and format information.

The AIX sampler disc is free, aside from a $6.95 shipping and handling charge via the AIX web site.