Fox to Offer, Live Lookup, Faster Load and iPhone Support in Future Blu-ray

What will future Blu-ray discs have to offer? Well that’s easy to answer if you’re looking at the question from Fox’s perspective. The company is going to bring some new features to its future Blu-ray titles: Live Lookup, faster load times and even iPhone connectivity support.

With Live Lookup you will be always able to connect to IMDB and check out scenes, actors and all the things you were curious to find out about the movie. Live Lookup is going to be available on the new Wolverine disc. Not a great movie but at least you get to check out Live Lookup in action.

Fox plans to bring faster load times to future Blu-ray discs by making the menu load while you’re watching previews. Who wants to watch previews on a DVD anyway?

And Fox also wants to let you control the Blu-ray player with the iPhone. Besides actually using the iPhone as a remote you’ll also be able to get various content streamed straight to your iPhone!