Fox asking Time Warner to cease streaming channels to iPads

Some of you might remember when we covered how Time Warner has come to the iPad, but there are some problems with it.

Unfortunately, one of the problems is now with Fox. Apparently, Fox has put a request to have its channels excluded from the Time Warner iPad roster.

Apparently, there has been a lot of talks between the two networks about this, and it doesn’t look like there has been anything finalized between the two. So if you want to watch Glee or any other Fox show on the iPad, you might have to go through some other source like Hulu Plus.

Time Warner Cable has put up this IWantMyTWCableTVApp site, which asks the customers how they feel about allowing Fox or some of the other TV stations that may or may not be on the iPad Time Warner cable TV App. You should still be able to get the App still.