Four Truly Awesome Words: The Home Theatre Spa

When I actually first got a glimpse of this little beauty I just about lost it.  I almost wept.  Really.  It was just that moving.

It’s the Coast Spa Home Theatre Spa–no, seriously, HOME. THEATRE. SPA–and despite the fact that it costs thirty five thousand dollars I so very desperately want one.

Of course, the worst part of it is it’s the kind of thing a fairly enterprising soul could build with a few off-the-shelf components at any Wal-Mart and some scrap lumber, along with a power strip or two.  You’ll see what I mean when I describe this beauty fully.  It’s an eight person, eighty four jet hot tub with a compartment for ice and drinks, along with a built-in LCD display.

See what I mean?  Not exactly the kind of thing that’s tough to replicate–put your favorite hot tub in a three-sided gazebo-style construct with a minifridge on one wall and a big-screen TV on another and, boom.  You’ve got the Coast Spa model with all the amenities, and they’re probably even BETTER, but for a whole lot less, if not so built-in.

Still though…the home theatre spa really DOES sound awesome.