Four new earbuds by Final Audio Design

I have seen some really interesting and expensive headphones lately, like the Diamond earbuds that have 604 diamonds in them that weigh 9.5 carats at 1.9 grams.

A company from Japan known as Final Audio Design have recently added some earbuds to their line.

Now, before I get to the description of the these headphones, I should make this disclaimer. They are pretty expensive, but I have already said that. You should know that Final Audio Design is a Japanese company that has a reputation for some pretty expensive products.

The Piano Forte VIII has a brass housing with gold plating and costs $940. This would be the headphones that you see pictured. The Piano Forte IX has mirror finishing with stainless steel housing and costs $1,180. The Piano Forte X-CC has ion plating and chrome copper housing for about $2,650. The Piano Forte X-G has gold plating and copper housing but I don’t have a price for that.