For The Really Persnickety About Room Flow: Motorized Ceiling Mounts

So I was reading this thing today about Premier Mounts, a company that offers motorized ceiling mounts for your projector, and I had to shake my head.

See, while a big screen TV can hang on the wall, out of the way, and a projector screen can be motorized or even retract manually into a smaller coiled configuration, there’s not too much cosmetically that can be done for the projector, assuming you have one.  At least, until Premier Mounts stepped in and offered motorized ceiling mounts, allowing you to retract your projector INTO your ceiling when not in use.  This isn’t done to protect it or prolong its useful life or even to make it play better–no, this is just done because the projector can look “unsightly” hanging there from the ceiling like that.

I looked at this and thought, man, who’s going to be desperate enough for a clean line-of-sight on their CEILING that they’re willing to cut a hole in the stupid thing, sink a motorized projector mount in there and go through all that time and hassle?  Not to mention the money!  They just dropped who knows how much on a projector and screen and whatnot, now they have to go out and tear up their ceiling so they can make the projector RETRACT??

Well, if they can sell these, more power to them–I do admit it’d be kind of cool to make my projector retract–but I can’t see too many people that interested.