For The Mechanically Inclined: Build Your Own Home Theatre Seat

I love a good chair.  No, really–this sounds weird, but bear with me.  After all, no one wants to watch movies standing up.  That’s just incredibly uncomfortable, especially with your home theatre. Can you imagine standing up through the three-hour running of The Lord of the Rings?  It was bad enough sitting down; my butt fell asleep.  And so did I for a couple minutes there…but anyway.

Now, I found this great resource, and you’re going to want to know about it, especially if you’re mechanically inclined. is a store for purchasing home theatre seating.  But they’re really, REALLY, expensive.  Why am I sending you over there?  Simple.

For reasons that escape me entirely, they’ve also included detailed schematics of their chairs.  Measurements from almost literally every angle.  You could very possibly, assuming you were the mechanically inclined sort, take those measurements and some lumber and such from the local hardware store and build your own chair to exactly the same measures and specifications.

Oh, sure, it wouldn’t be EXACTLY the same chair.  Maybe yours wouldn’t recline, or the upholstery would be different or some such.  But I tell you this–the chair in the picture has a list price of thirty six hundred dollars.

Your cost of materials?  Vastly, vastly less.

So if you’re handy with a drill and lumber, you may be able to save yourself a bundle on home theatre seating.  Happy watching!