Flexicord Cables for Better Management

One thing that most home theater addicts have to deal with is cable exposure management. Depending on the number of home theater gadgets you have, cabling can pose to be a problem especially if you are the kind who wants to keep them hidden as much as possible.

But while hiding the cables is a problem, perhaps the Flexicord Cables can ease that burden.

Flexicord has a thick pipe cleaner that sits alongside the cable, which makes it possible to bend the cord. That will give you a better way to tuck those cables into the shape you need. If you wanted to, you could even wrap this around a couple of other cables to help out the ones that do not have the pipe cleaner inside. Flexicord comes in several different types, to name a few, they offer USB, S-video, networking cables and HDMI.

(Source) Uberreview