Fisherprice Kid-tough Portable DVd Player


Fisherprice, world’s renowned toy maker, is proud to make kids happy with its new launch called the Kid-tough Portable DVD Player. Fisherprice has already established itself as a company that designs superb child toys. It continues to please the kids with its latest offerings like the new portable DVD Player.

Taking in consideration the fact that kids these days are becoming more tech-savvy, Fisherprice has come up with this new kid-tough DVD player that is really hard to destroy as it features a rubberized shell. Not only this, it also features skip-proof technology that keeps it going on and on even in the hands of a pre-schooler.

Sporting a 3.2-inch LCD display, Kid-tough Portable DVD Player delivers 2 hours battery life. This amazing toy cum electronic from Fisherprice is available at a reasonable price of $ 149.98.00.