First DVD-A for Classic Records [HFR]

CES: At CES this past week, Classic Records announced the release of their first DVD-Audio disc.

Pioneers of audiophile-grade DVD-video discs with 24/96 soundtracks (or “DADs” as Classic Records refers to them), first released 5 years ago, Classic will release the famous Vanguard title “Songs of The Auvergne” in February. The release will mark the beginning of the Classic 24/192 DVD-Audio Series, which will include titles from Pete Townshend, Procol Harum, the Vanguard catalog and numerous others.

From the Classic Records press release:

“The Classic 24/192 DVD-A discs will be Universal DVD discs in the sense that they will be designed to play on both DVD Audio and DVD Video players. This will involve filling the audio title set with 24/192 data and the video title set with 24/96 data. These discs will therefore also play on universal players that support SACD and DVD-Video. The transfers will be done using a specially designed battery powered 24/192 Analog to Digital converter designed by Kevin Halverson of Muse Electronics from original master tapes mastered by Bernie Grundman. Classic Records anticipates the release of 12 titles in 2003.”