Final Sound Solutions started shipping consumer-friendly virtual surround sound system Final Sound HD Receiver 201. The flawless integration of electrostatic speaker and subwoofer takes you to a new world of audio.

Merge a 75Watt Audio/Video receiver with subwoofer and electrostatic speaker and enjoy cinematic experience in your room. The Sound HD Receiver 201 comes equipped with DSP chip. It can play CD, DVD and also connect to MP3 player. The universal remote control lets you contol the functions at a great ease. The receiver fills your room with eight-shaped sound wave responsible for consistent sound.

Delivering unusual sound quality, the receiver is easy to install with automatically configuring filter and crossover settings. Based on Inverter Technology, the HD Receiver 201 fills your life with dynamic sound with no reflections. While the Tuner section consists of FM, AM and RDS, the audio power output is 2 X 75Watts.

Available in brushed aluminium or black at a price of $999.

Via: CES