Fabrik debuts 250GB SimpleTech SimpleDrive

250gb-simpletech.jpgFabrik recently announced that its latest 250GB SimpleTech(R) SimpleDrive(TM) is now available through selected dealers. This Sleek Portable Storage device is trendy in appearance. You can impress people around you. Now you can safely store, carry, enjoy and share tons of personal or professional data. This high-end storage solution is the gift of highly innovative renowned Italian design house Pininfarina. The latest drives are fast and reliable featuring rapid data transfer rates with its high-speed USB 2.0 interface.

250GB SimpleTech SimpleDrive offers a capacity to store 250GB content in the form of more than 270 hours of standard-definition (SD) video, 19 hours of high-definition (HD) video, 63,000 songs, or 180,000 photos. StorageSync backup software lets the users make full or incremental backups every time. 250GB Drvive is available at an expected price of $199 whereas you can also pick lesser capacity models from local distribution channels and outlets. SimpleTech SimpleDrive portable solutions are available in different colors sapphire (80GB), onyx (120GB), red (160GB) and the new charcoal gray (250GB). Visit http://www.SimpleTech.com for more details.

Via: Prnewswire