F30 WUXGA Projector

Texas Instruments has unveiled world’s first WUXGA DLP chip Projector ‘F30’. It offers high quality image at a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixel in a 16:10 aspect ratio. This projector is raising the market temperature by throwing its competitors away from its way. DLP’s .95 chip, a resolution about which its competitors have not yet been able to think of has been introduced in this projector.

Jason Brameld, Senior Audio-Visual Design Consultant at Mark Johnson Consultants Ltd in the United Kingdom, said: "WUXGA resolution and the F30 WUXGA projector caught our eye when it was first shown by projectiondesign at Integrated Systems Europe in January 2008. It immediately struck us as being a very good projector for high-resolution computer applications and it offers more of a computer centric resolution rather than the more typically video centric resolution of 1920 x 1080 offered by the other major manufacturers."

“O my God, this is brilliant!” will be your first reaction for sure, after you go through its unique features mentioned below-

  • F30 WUXGA projector provides high performance in notebook computers and desktop monitors and this enables the user to match their projector resolution to their monitor resolution.
  • More color performance and wide screen resolution choices
  • Provides razor-sharp images and excellent reproduction of fast motion video.
  • Wide range of different configuration options, revolutionary RealColor management suite, and a range of lenses.

So don’t just wait. Go and grab the new F30 WUXGA projector because good opportunities come once in a life. Paired with outstanding brightness and contrast, the F30 WUXGA Projector offers a superb image quality, and flexibility to the AV industry. It is the first projector of its kind to offer this combination of features packed in a small 3.5 kg magnesium chassis.