EZDigiMagic DM550-U20 Desktop Unit Adds Photo Viewing Option

There are a lot of portable DVD burners in the market today and while they carry practically the same intent, it all boils down to the features that they carry. And one of the new features that the EZDigiMagic DM550-U20 has added is the photo viewing option.

With the addition of the photo viewing option, people who are planning to burn DVDs can be able to review contents prior to burning. This preview function offers both multiple-image and single-image viewing, while it also provides zoom-in, zoom-out, and scrolling options for each displayed photo.

Other features:

  • One-touch direct copy from flash memory card or USB Drive
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Disc-spanning
  • Time-stamping

The new DM550-P20 model is scheduled to begin shipping in mid-June and has a suggested retail price of $349.00.

(Source) PR Web