Exclusive Surround Professional 2001 Show Report

The Surround Professional 2001 show report, published on-line by SMR Group during the two weeks that followed the December 7-8th event details the production techniques, design philosophies and technical advancements used in the creation of multi-channel audio for music and movies.

SMR Group was proud to become the first on-line press organisation ever to be allowed access to the conference.

Highlights of the report include exclusive interviews with DVD-Audio producer John Kellogg (Dolby Labs.), Tomlinson Holman (TMH Labs.), Gary Lux, John Trickett and Bob Michaels (5.1 Entertainment) and Robert Margouleff and Brent Biles (Mi Casa Multimedia).

The show also details the seminars of legendary engineer John Eargle (Delos), Gary Mraz (Studio Voodoo) and Thomas Lund (T.C. Electronic). Charlie Watts (Enterprise Mastering) and David Glasser (Airshow Mastering) also detail the challenges and differences of producing DVD-Audio and SACD discs.

New hardware/playback developments detailed in the show report include SRS Labs Circle Surround II (with Alan Kraemer), Ambisonics (with Thomas Chen and Richard Elen) while products from ASC, Genelec, Lexicon, Manley Labs, Martinsound, Miller & Kreisel, NHT Professional, Quad Teck, TC Electronic and z-Systems are also featured.

The show report provides a fascinating insight into the word of multi-channel sound production for those interested in either high-resolution music – DVD-Audio and/or SACD – or motion picture soundtracks.

Surround Professional 2001 Show Report: http://www.smr-home-theatre.org/surround2001/.