Exclusive Pioneer DV-747 Internal Layout Images

Images of the Pioneer DV-747A internal components and layout are now on-line at the SMR Group web site. The DV-747A is the region 2 equivalent of the Pioneer Elite DV-47 multi-channel SACD and DVD-Audio player.

Points of note: The Pioneer uses Sony’s DSD circuitry – the Sony CXD2753 decoder – positioned front right, while three Crystal CS4392 192kHz 24-bit digital to analogue converters are located directly behind the transport mechanism.

Video circuitry can be seen to the left of the transport. The DV-747A (and Elite DV-47) use Pioneer’s own PM0033A progressive scan processor operating alongside an Analog Devices ADV7300 12-bit 8Ч 108MHz (interlaced) video digital to analogue converter. Out of sight under the transport can be found the Mitsubishi M65774 MPEG (video) decoder and a Motorola DSP M56367V150 Dolby Digital and DTS decoder.

The input/output boards of the DV-747A and DV-47 differ only in terms of the SCART I/O terminals found on the region 2 variant. They are mounted on an additional board; the beige circuit mounted above the audio D/A converters to the rear of the transport.

Early reports of the Pioneer DV-747A’s performance are mixed, with bass management limitations (there are no bass-routing options available for either DVD-Audio or Super Audio CD playback), the presence of the dreaded ‘chroma upsampling bug’ and video moirй patterning being the most significant concerns.

Update: 10/03/2002 – HFR thanks Jakub Vanek from the Czech Republic (see letters page) for the MPEG video, Dolby Digital and DTS decoder IC details.

Pioneer DV-747APioneer DV-747A