Exair Digital Sound Level Meter

Though it was meant for the industrial setting, it would not be surprising to note to find the Exair Digital Sound Level Meter being used by home theater artists to measure the level of audio quality in their homes. While we all know how sound quality is important, it also remains that people follow a certain level of tolerance when it comes to the degree of loudness that their home theater setups can provide.

The Digital Sound Level Meter measures the decibels of the sound and displays the reading on the large LCD display that has a backlight button for easy viewing. An “F/S” response time button provides a choice of slow response measurements for comparatively stable noise measurement or fast for varying noise. The “Max Hold” setting will measure the maximum noise level of sounds and update continuously if a louder sound is detected.

Some may find it useful while others may disregard it. But when it comes to measuring the degree of noise you create, you just have to consider if other household members or even your neighbors may get irritated by the loud sounds you create. Consider it a preventive maintenance to a worry free home theater entertainment tenure on your end.

(Source) Construction and Maintenance