Evolution 403


Krell 403

The Evolution 403 is a three-channel, 400-watts-per-channel model that is designed to be part of a high-end home theater and multi-channel music system. The Evolution line utilizes active Cascode Topography, which gets rid of global negative feedback, thus only allowing nested local feedback around the individual gain cells and making for a more open and liquid sound. The enormous power of these amplifiers ensures easy audio reproduction almost regardless of your speakers’ efficiency.

Krell’s Current Mode and CAST circuitry are employed as well as circuit topography allowing nearly perfect performance in the audio spectrum. Krell has put top technology into this amplifier and this is without a doubt one of the best amplifiers made. The fact that it is a three-channel amp also makes it the best home theater amplifier of all time. It’s a tad expensive at $22,000 but you will surely discover it is worth every penny.