Evoluce uses a Microsoft Kinect sensor as a mouse

We have seen a lot of terrific Kinect hacks, and we just got finished reporting about the anime one. This one particular one isn’t really a hack like the one about surfing the web or the gesture based remote.

Evoluce is working on some new software that allows the user to control the Windows 7 with hand gestures. It requires the user to install WIN&I on the Windows 7 PC, connect to the Kinect, and then do specific hand gestures to control the PC.

Of course, you will still need the keyboard for the entering of text. but the mouse controls are all by hand. You should be able to get the WIN&I comes in two kinds, a Home Edition and Business Edition for Microsoft Office.

If you are looking for some gesture based controls, and you have a Kinect, you might want to get this. The WIN&I is available now for a direct download with price for about $28.