Evoluce 46-inch display with 3D sensors

The last time we discussed Evoluce, they had a 47-inch HD touchscreen for multitouch computing.

Now, the company has announced a new I-Voluce display, which has a 46-inch LCD with some 3D depth sensing technology. I wonder if that is supposed to be a Kinect of some sorts. If so, the range is expected to be about 13 feet, and I am not certain how that compares to Microsoft’s sensor.

This does not seem to be designed for a home theater, but it really should be. Instead, it seems made for museums and places where online education is needed.

That is really too bad, because I could easily see one of these Evoluce 46-inch displays in my living room. I can also see the Evoluce Surface like table in my living room, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. You see, the price of this starts at about $5,600.