EVO 2 Android-based console coming this fall

Some of you might remember the EVO game console, which was essentially Linux based, and didn’t do so hot on the market after it was shipped. It would appear that the designers, Envizions, are giving the EVO a second coming with the EVO 2.

The console plans to have a 1.2GHz Samsung processor, but my Source is not certain about what type. It should carry Android 2.2 (Froyo) as well as a TV remote and a game controller.

There is even talk about getting a motion sensor on the console before the end of the year. Like Xbox Live, the Playstation Network, and the Wii Store, the EVO 2 will have an online store with point so you can buy games with “EVO tokens”.

I’m not certain how well this EVO 2 will fare, as most people play Android games on their Android-powered tablet or mobile phone. However, there isn’t going to be any big console to be released, as the Wii 2 won’t show up until 2012 at least. It is slated for this fall, with a pricetag of $249.