EVGA InterView 1700 Dual Display

In case your desk could definitely use another monitor in order for you to become more efficient then maybe you should be checking out EVGA’s Interview 1700 Dual Display.

It’s not just a monitor, it’s two monitors into one. Instead of a regular 17-inch LCD monitor you get to play with two 17-inch TFT LCD babies. Each of them will offer you a 1,440 x 900 resolution and you can fold them as you please. They can rotate up to 170 degrees on the horizontal and the monitor on the right can be inverted so the person across from you can see what you’re talking about. Other features include a 1.3 megapixel camera with microphone perfect for conference calls and three USB 2.0 ports ready to handle other gadgets on your desk that require an USB connectivity.

via likecool