ESPN Provides Live Sports Access In HD On The X-Box 360

At E3, ESPN announced that it’s making access to live sports available on Microsoft’s game console. However, you can only enjoy this new service if you happen to be an X-Box Live Gold member, which costs $50 a year. But you’ll be able to watch over 3,500 live events in a year, so X-Box Gold member status might be worth paying for. Fifty dollars a year is definitely less than a monthly cable bill.

That’s good news for consumers who are frustrated with the cable service they get from providers like Comcast. With ESPN Sports on X-Box Live, they’ll have access to every game for content including college basketball, college football, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL without having to pay a hefty fee every month. Of course, people commonly watch television programs and movies on their game consoles and personal computers anyway in today’s culture. So, this move by ESPN seems to be part of a natural progression in this present society.

Thus, the days of cable are numbered. Ah, the benefits of technology today. Now you can enjoy your favorite programs and videos on a game console.