Epsons ST120 HTPC

Looking for a fully functional HTPC solution for your home theater, but don’t have the room to spare for one of those big clunky ones? Well, Epson may have an answer for you with their Endeavor ST120 HTPC.

Packed into the ridiculously small form factor that you see above is quite an array of different features. On the PC side, it’s got a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 80GB of HDD space. Now you may be thinking, that’s not all that great. Well where the ST120 impresses is in it’s built-in Blu-ray writer, and digital TV tuner, effectively making it a perfect solution for any home theater application.

All of that packed into such a little case isn’t going to run you cheap though, Epson’s ST120 HTPC starts at $1,531 with Blu-ray built in, or just $725 with a DVD writer.

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