Epson S1C17701, a new 16-bit RISC MCU

.Seiko Epson Corporation (”Epson”) is going to launch in the market its new production S1C17701, which is a 16-bit RISC MCU containing 16 MB of memory space, with the promise to shipment sample on September 2007. This revolutionary product commencing volume shipments proving contribution of 500,000 units per month output from October 2007 along with the low power consumption features is ready for the customer solution with the circuit size equivalent to an 8-bit microcontroller.

S1C17701 is ideal product for software development with 64 KB of Flash ROM and features single-chip microcontroller containing on-chip Flash ROM and a high-resolution dot matrix LCD drive. Its low current consumption (typically 2.5 µA during standby mode) and high-speed operation (8.2 MHz) with low operation voltage (1.8 V) are no doubt two major beneficial features for the customer.

S1C17701’sother striking features involved in it are On-chip grayscale display driver with resolution of 56 SEG x 32 COM (1792 dots) and Large-scale LCD display without external circuits, containing built-in voltage regulator/booster circuits. Few more mentionable features incorporated with this product are C compiler and instruction set with high level of code efficiency and Compact, reduced-pin serial ICE.