Epson MovieMate 55 Combo Projector


Epson MovieMate 55 Combo Projector is the latest addition of the Epson in the line of its combo projector. With this new projector, they are aiming at satisfying users with its all new and handy facilities and services.

Rajeev Mishra, director of projector marketing and development for Epson says, “Epson MovieMate projectors can transform any space into a home theater environment,"

On looking at the features of the Epson MovieMate 55 Combo Projector you can see:

Two built-in 8 watt 5.1 Dolby Digital DTS speakers

CD/DVD player and built-in stereo speakers

An E-TORL lamp with 1,200 lumens of brightness

A 60/120-inch image display from a distance of 6/12 feet away, respectively

3-chip 3LCD projector

16:9 aspect ratio

The Epson MovieMate 55 Combo Projector is good to be used with Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PS3 and the iPod too. You can use it to display content from a PC or Mac too as it has USB flash drives for such purposes. So, wait till the month of October for its availability in the market and pay only $699.