Epson HTPS Panels utilizing C2 Fine technology in Mass Production

.Seiko Epson Corporation has recently introduced L3C07U-85G10 in succession to L3C07U-75G00. L3C07U-85G10 high-temperature polysilicon TFT liquid crystal (HTPS) panel is designed to enhance the performance of 3LCD-type front projectors.

These 0.7-inch (1.9 cm diagonal) HTPS panels are in mass production. The aperture ratio of latest models is improved by 20% compared to previous model. Because of improved aperture ratio, the luminance of the Panels is improved considerably.

Another benefit of latest panels is low power consumption. Mini-LVDS interface improves noise immunity. Epson HTPS Panels deliver high contrast, smooth images, and jet black color reproduction of C2.

Via: Epson