Epson EX90 Projector

Among the well known projector selling brands in this world Epson is the one which we can name in the top. Epson this time has announced the launch of another high quality projector that is ready to make your pulse race. Equipped with multi features Epson EX90 projector has white and color light output of 2600 lumens, Lamps using E-TORL(tm) technology with up to 50 percent longer lamp life, XGA resolution and a latest 3 chip technology that makes the image production much more vibrant and crisp suitable for any environment.

Features that are specific to the Epson EX90 Projector which you will really have to try hard to find anywhere else are:

  • 2600 lumens: with 2600 lumens, Epson projector brightens up the room irrespective of the environment and provides a kind of lively and colorful image presentation.
  • 3LCD Technology: get more crisp and clear images with the 3LCD technology of the Epson EX90 Projector. This technology has made the projector to work without any moving color wheel. The result is that the color delivery is accurate, video and images are just very clear.
  • Quick start up: Can you ever imagine that a projector can be so very fast that it will get started in just 5 seconds? Amazingly, this you can find in the Epson EX90 Projector with its “Instant On” option.
  • Instant Off: Why only on? You can even off the projector instantly without causing any damage to it. Simple setting up: The set up of the Epson Ex90 Projector is just very simple with the 1.2x power zoom lens that can be projected in any distance for a large and clear picture.
  • HDTV connectivity: you can think of carrying this brilliant piece of projector for any of your purposes like for business meetings or for having a blast in your home. It supports the 720p and 1080i HDTV with its quick connectivity options.

Available in almost all the national resellers, this six pound heavy projector is only for $899. You will even get a carrying case to carry this projector to your home which includes all the necessary things for its quick set up. Carry your home the Epson ERX90 Projector and get a warranty of 2 years.

Via: Press